The man

Physician, musician, entrepreneur and father – his pioneering spirit leads him to seek new interpretations of the wealth of stimuli that continually arouse his curiosity. His interest in events and individuals from the past naturally leads him to find new and very modern solutions.

The music

Music has always been very much a part of his life. From studying the piano since he was a child, to his Conservatory diploma, to teaching Score Reading to Composition students, to his experience as orchestra conductor at the Tanglewood Music Center in Boston. But it was a masterclass with the Finnish conductor Jorma Panula that revealed to him most about himself.

The light

There is no life without light. Without light the eyes cannot see. The most primal element on Earth becomes the natural instrument for restoring the capacity of sight, while biophotons emitted by the human body bring about a new well-being and a new view of life. Journeying with light.

The book that tells about his quest

After more than 20,000 vision surgery procedures and hundreds of attendances as chairman and speaker at all the major congresses around the world, Roberto Pinelli, an internationally renowned ophthalmologist and proprietor of an important eye clinic in Lugano, decides to write a book that he intends everyone should read. The flash of inspiration he experienced in the Engadin, after three days of complete isolation and a particular clinical case, showed him the power of photons and their potential impact as a therapy and as a means towards a quantum but at the same time natural form of medicine. In the immediate future, photons, already a biblical fount of knowledge, will transform the view of medicine. “Intelligent” photons enter the eye, cure any visual defects and radiate from there into the body for the benefit of the entire organism and the person – seen from a holistic standpoint. This is both a scientific treatise and a reflection and a meditation on the relationship between matter and spirit and, at the same time, a source of practical information about cutting-edge methods and technologies already available to patients. Some testimonials to the book: Pippo Baudo, Marisa Laurito, Willy Pasini, Marco Columbro, Fabio Armiliato.

Interview with Roberto Pinelli


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